FHE Rejuvenating Hair/Scalp Oil

FHE Rejuvenating Hair/Scalp Oil

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Six organic oils infused with an all natural herb specially formulated to promote hair growth. Also helps to reduce the appearance of dandruff, soothe itchy scalps & strengthen the hair cuticle to help reduce excessive shedding & tangling. 

Our Hair & Scalp oil is lightweight and great for use under wigs/weaves, braids, or any other natural hairstyle. Enjoy softer, fuller & stronger hair with continued use of our FHE Hair & Scalp oil. 

Directions:  Apply drops to freshly washed & dried hair. Massage gently into scalp.

Usage:  Recommended use 2-3 times per week; or as needed.

*Includes Macadamia Nut Oil, please consult doctor before use if you have a nut allergy.